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Advantages and disadvantages of silicone wire

Silica gel wire, industrial name is AGR silicone rubber wire, is made of silica gel material processing wire, suitable temperature range of -60°-200°, voltage 300/500V, conductor material is tinned copper wire, insulator is silicone rubber, woven layer is glass fiber + silicone resin.

Silica gel wire has the advantages of excellent high temperature and low temperature resistance, excellent electrical insulation performance, excellent chemical stability, high voltage resistance, aging resistance, long service life. Soft and easy to install. This product has good acid resistance, alkali resistance, anti-fungal characteristics, can withstand hot and humid environment and a variety of grease resistance, at the same time the cable flexibility performance is good, waterproof, pressure resistance and other advantages.

Silica gel wire has disadvantages: the reliability of the system control system is poor, because the heating cable itself in the energized state, the temperature of the wire will continue to rise (until the fuse). Therefore, the external temperature control system must be used to prevent the cable from high temperature fusing phenomenon. Therefore, all thermostats configured for heating cables are designed with two sets of temperature control systems. One is to control indoor ambient temperature, and the other is to control cable temperature (to prevent cable overheating). When one of the two temperature control systems reaches the setting requirements, the temperature controller cuts off the power supply and the heating cable stops working. This control mode of heating cable makes the safety of the whole system completely depend on the quality of its supporting temperature controller (rather than the product itself). Once the thermostat fails, the whole system will collapse. If the ground cover material is not flame retardant products, it will lead to a huge loss of users.

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