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Why can silica gel high temperature line withstand high temperature?

Silica gel high temperature line temperature in the middle of 200~300℃. Heat resistant silica gel is generally divided into heat resistant solid silica gel and heat resistant liquid silica gel, so liquid silica gel to maintain liquid, so the amount of high temperature resistant filler allowed to add relative solid silica gel will be less, so in general, solid silica gel is more heat resistant and more easy to ensure.

The silicon high temperature line is composed of alternating silicon atoms and oxygen molecules. General silicone key consists of hydroxyl and a small amount of methacrylate silicone chain. The introduction of phenyl can improve the heat and cold resistance of silica gel, and the characteristics of vulcanized rubber silicone are further improved. Suitable for rated current 600-30KV high temperature category, it has high and low temperature resistance test, flame retardant, radiation resistance, aging resistance, reactive oxygen resistance, moisture resistance and other high-quality characteristics. Widely used in lighting, overload, transportation, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, medical services, metallurgical industry, aerospace, new energy technology, lithium, power generation system software and other high temperature fields. Coaxial cable for electrical equipment, control and supervision line, power connection line for all kinds of mobile charger equipment, control data signal transmission, etc.

Silica gel wire has the characteristics of heat resistance, low temperature resistance, wear resistance and so on. In the high temperature natural environment of the cable, the electrical equipment characteristics are stable, the anti-aging characteristics are good, and the service life is long. It is suitable for the mobile terminals with special requirements such as the resistance to pull, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance of cars, carts, transmission system machinery and equipment. 1kV the following communication and ac power lines and household appliances, lighting, communication lines. It can also be used in new scientific and technological industrial products, such as electrical products, heating equipment, drinking water and hair dryer machine equipment, air conditioning and ventilation equipment, lighting equipment, electronic products, electric heating goods, electronic computer communications, aerospace, cars, etc. Silica gel line can also be used for power station, processing plant engineering construction and chemical enterprise mobile terminal, with the exchange of less than 1KV cable connection, and operate the lighting communication power supply circuit of industrial equipment, this industrial equipment provides compressive strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other provisions.

It is not easy to be oxidized and dissolved in the natural environment of active oxygen and radiation, and has good reliability in organic chemistry. With high - quality hydrophobicity, waterproof, seismic grade and physiological plasticity. Main uses: the product can be pressed mold, extrusion, used to produce and manufacture glass sucker, electronic components tray, miscellaneous parts, pipe fittings, electric oven sealing strip, heat resistant protective cover and other heat resistant silicone rubber products.

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